Testing (26 Courses)

Cloud Testing

Cloud Computing - Essentials
cloud computing - comprehensive
cloud computing - management

ETL Testing

BI (ETL / data warehouse) testing
ETL testing essentials

Database Testing

SQL and Data Quality Testing for Test Professionals
structured query language for test professionals
programming concepts for test and qa professionals
Advanced SQL and Data Quality Testing

Testing Fundamentals and Test Design

software testing fundamentals
developing reusable test designs
test design
test design processes, methodologies and techniques
software test planning and design
designing and executing tests in agile projects
unit and integration testing for developers

Requirements Definition and Requirement-based

defining and managing user requirements
discovering and testing requirements through scenarios-based development and testing
discovering business requirements
discovering and testing requirements with use cases
effective requirements for effective testing
effective requirements with use cases
establishing the requirement management process
evaluating business requirements
evaluating requirements and requirements-based testing
requirement management
discovering, analyzing, and managing requirements in agile projects
writing testable requirements and requirement-based testing

Test Management and Risk-Based Testing

effective test manager
creating, maintaining and using living test plans
effective test management
estimating and controlling testing projects
effective test organization with a high performance test
software test organization
software testing process
test process in iterative and incremental projects
test project
proactive test process management
Project Management for QA Professionals
risk management methods for test projects
risk-based test management
risk-based testing: analysis and strategy development
test planning
test process management
test process measurements and improvement

Test Process Improvement and Measurements

test maturity model (tMM)
Test Process Improvement (TPI)
Return on Investment (ROI)
process improvement and reducing the cost of poor quality
Software Testing with the Use of Metrics

Test Execution

test execution process
selecting and executing the most critical tests

Test Automation

advanced test automation framework design
functional test automation fundamentals
principles of software test automation
test automation architectures and advanced techniques
test automation framework essentials
test automation strategies and architectures

Software Inspections

Software Inspections and Reviews for QA Professionals
static testing for quality and test professionals
software inspections and reviews

Performance Testing

advanced performance testing & tuning techniques
automating performance testing for web applications
performance testing for web and client/server applications
understanding performance testing

Security Testing

application security fundamentals
web security testing techniques


artificial intelligence
data science
angular 7
Machine learning
DevOps Foundation

Software Quality Management

software quality assurance function
software quality assurance and testing
software quality assurance
proactive software quality management
risk management for software quality management
software measurements and analysis
software quality assurance and quality control methods and techniques
software verification and validation methods
life cycle software quality assurance

Agile Development and Testing

agile high-speed testing
agile software development
agile and iterative development
agile software development using scrum
Agile Software Development and the PMBOK
becoming agile
being an agile customer
coaching agile teams
test process in agile and semi-agile projects
software projects using scrum
proactive testing puts agile test-driven development on steroids

Outsourcing and Off-shoring

managing and controlling off-shored and outsourced test projects

Acceptance Testing

understanding user acceptance testing
User Acceptance Testing

Testing Real-Time Systems

testing real-time and embedded systems

Testing XML

XML and Web Services Testing

Testing Web Applications

Testing Web and eCommerce Applications

Testing Graphical User Interface

Essentials of Graphical User Interface Testing
accessibility testing

Exploratory Testing

integrating exploratory testing into a disciplined test design process

Configuration Management

fundamentals of configuration management

Project Management

project management and planning

Process Improvement

software process improvement

Mobile Testing

mobile testing, manual and automated