Business Management (3 Courses)


apply safe work practices
better business ethics
better business etiquette
boosting customer loyalty
boosting workplace innovation
boosting workplace motivation
boosting your efficiency
business administration
business administration - medical
business consulting
business development
business documents and correspondence
business sustainability
business technology
business to business sales
continuous improvement
coordinate business resources
corporate governance
create an innovative work environment
e business
e-business security
e-commerce fundamentals
effective research and analysis
environmental sustainability and performance
essential research skills
import and export documentation
innovation support systems
inventory and stock control
maintain business records
maintain business resources
maintain operational quality and productivity
making meetings useful
managing small teams
maximising your personal brand
meeting customer needs
online customer acquisition and retention
operational planning
operations and budgeting
organise business travel
policy development
process customer complaints
professional relationship development
project communications and stakeholder engagement
project planning and scheduling
project procurement
public sector ethics
public sector legislation and compliance
sales performance and coordination
small business law and administration
small business planning
sourcing, supply and contractor evaluation
successful business networking
successful cross selling
successful electronic communication
successful meetings and minute taking
successful succession planning
team leadership and innovation
art of delegation
understanding body language
warehouse operations and recordkeeping
workplace innovation and change


business management
business process improvement (BPI)
client relationship management
communications management
compliance management systems
contact centre management
crisis management
crisis management - public relations
customer experience management
customer service quality management
enterprise-wide risk management & stress testing
event project management
executive sales and account management
fatigue management
frontline management
information and knowledge management
knowledge management
legal and risk management
logistics and inventory management
operations management
project cost management
project integration management
project quality management`
project scope management
project time management
public sector diversity management
quality service management
retail change management
restaurant management
retail management
small business management
small business stakeholder management
successful meeting and conference management
supply chain management and e-commerce
total quality management
workplace diversity management


direct marketing database analysis
marketing and strategy
marketing management
market profiling
small business marketing
successful telemarketing
telephone communication: representing the company