Finance (7 Courses)

Corporate Finance

corporate finance transactions
financial, valuation, mergers and acquisitions modeling
understanding the asset management industry

Financial Awareness

managing costs and budget more effectively
CFP - introduction to financial planning
finance and accounting for nonfinancial managers
financial decision making for non-finance personnel
financial reporting for non-finance personnel
lean awareness for finance teams

Financial Business and Strategy

balance cash holdings
balance retail transactions
budgeting and cash flow forecasting and reporting
business valuation
debt and consumer credit
evaluate and authorise payment requests
financial accounts
financial accounts administration
financial auditing
financial calculations and data entry
financial planning
financial planning and investment
financial sales and planning
financial statement and valuation modeling
financial strategy
financial supply chain and working capital
financial transactions processing
perform retail finance duties
prepare financial accounts
prepare financial reports for a non-reporting entity
prepare, match and process receipts
retail financial accounts
small business finance
strategic pricing for finance professionals
successful saving and budgeting
prepare government returns and reports

Financial Management

budgeting and forecasting
building finance into your management practices
business financial management
cashflow management and forecasting
credit management
credit management and debt collection strategies
financial management
financial management - cash budgeting techniques
financial management - community services
financial management - ratio analysis
financial management - small business
financial resource management
payroll practice and management

Financial Reporting and Tax

business and financial reporting
financial accounting
financial reporting - retail
financial reporting and governance
IFRS (international financial reporting standards)
taxation (business &/or personal)

Law for Finance Professionals

anti-money laundering for finance professionals
employment law introduction for finance professionals
equal opportunities and diversity for finance


CFA (certification preparatory guide)
equity valuation and analysis
financial performance analysis
professional bookkeeping with quickbooks
supplier appraisal & financial analysis
wealth management