adobe analytics - report builder

By attending Adobe Analytics - Report Builder workshop, Participants will learn to:

  • Install Report Builder Plug-in with the proper Licensing Agreements
  • Create simple and advanced reports to answer you business questions
  • Use the Request Wizard to set granularity and date ranges
  • Create real-time requests
  • Use the Request Wizard Functions to filter options, trend and match Participants data
  • Create anomaly detection requests
  • Use Advanced Functions to create micro charts and projects
  • Edit their reports and then export them, schedule them for delivery or place them into a Workbook Library

Adobe Analytics - Report Builder training course Participants will learn to use Report Builder to extract the information they need out of Marketing reports and analytics into Microsoft Excel, and then use the strengths of Excel to format and manipulate the data. The class begins with creating a simple request and covers the full functionality of the tool. The latest enhancements like anomaly detection and real-time data are included too.

It will start with the Request Wizard, learn to calculate date ranges, build data tables, create and save filters; create real-time data requests, anomaly detection requests, the copy and paste functionality including multiple request changes, and then, end with saving, scheduling and sharing the reports.

It is HIGHLY recommended that Participants have attended Reports & Analytics User training and Reports & Analytics Advanced Features & Tools training or have equivalent experience.

Adobe Analytics - Report Builder class is designed for Web analysts, all Reports & Analytics users who want to extend the use of their data by exporting to Excel.