adobe after effects - intermediate

By attending Adobe After Effects - Intermediate workshop, Delegates will learn:

  • Parenting
  • Applying Compound Effects
  • Working with Expressions
  • Tracking, Stabilizing, and Keying
  • Using the Roto Brush Tool
  • Compositing Techniques
  • Performing Color Correction

The Adobe After Effects - Intermediate training course is designed for videographers, graphic artists, and animators with basic-level Adobe After Effects experience. Delegates will learn on how to incorporate text, graphics, and effects to the movies. Upon completion of After Effects Program, they will have an excellent understanding of the menu and tools in After Effects and be able to perform work with a high level of efficiency.

Adobe After Effects - Intermediate

  • Practical working knowledge of computers
  • Photoshop Fundamentals
  • Attending a training on Introduction to Adobe After Effects Essentials or equivalent experience

Adobe After Effects - Intermediate Videographers, graphic artists, and animators who are somewhat experienced using Adobe after Effects.


  • Basics of Compound Effects
  • Gradient Wipe
  • Displacement Map
  • Creating Water
  • Introduction to Expressions
  • Simple Pickwhipping
  • Using Expressions to Animate to the Rhythm of Music
  • Adjusting the Expression Direction
  • Adjusting the Expression Parameters
  • Adjusting the Rate of Change
  • Adjusting the Final Value
  • Creating a Loop using Expressions
  • The Wiggle Expression
  • Basics of Parenting
  • Simple Pickwhipping
  • Parenting to a Null
  • Using Parenting for Positioning
  • Using Parenting in Special Effects
  • Basics of Tracking
  • Using the Tracker
  • Stabilizing Your Video
  • Tracking and Object
  • Tips for Better Tracking
  • Difficult Tracking
  • Basics of Keying
  • Shooting Techniques for Easier Keying
  • Using Garbage Mattes for Easier Keying
  • Using Keylight
  • Refining the Matte
  • Using the Roto Brush Tool
  • About Rotoscoping
  • Creating a Segmentation Boundary
  • Fine-Tuning the Matte
  • Creating a Transition from the Full Clip to the Foreground
  • Layer Blending Modes and How to Change Them using Shortcuts
  • Using Track Mattes
  • Precomposing and Nesting
  • Adjusting Color Balance
  • Replacing the Background
  • Removing Unwanted Elements
  • Correcting a Range of Colors
  • Warming Colors with the Photo Filter Effect