sketch 3 mobile app design

By attending Sketch 3 Mobile App Design workshop, Participants will:

  • Learn the basics and advanced features of Sketch 3
  • Gain knowledge on foundation principles
  • Use sketch 3 for aspects of graphic designs
  • Create own version of a mock-up Facebook App

The Sketch 3 Mobile App Design is a cost-effective and award winning tool for Mac users who want to learn how to build an App. This easy to use software allows participants to create professional looking mobile apps with ease and efficiency. Sketch 3 is built with an intuitive design and elegant interface so participants can create flawless projects with a focus on design.

  • App developers
  • Web programmers
  • Beginners who want to learn how to build an app


  • Getting Design Templates and Other Resources
  • Editing Templates To Create Designs
  • Working with Pages in Sketch 3
  • Applying Styles Across Pages
  • Working with Shapes and Symbols
  • Project Introduction
  • Building the Application
  • Exporting Participants Project
  • Overview of Projects In This Course
  • What one Will Know By the End of This Course
  • Getting the Software