adobe digital publishing suite enterprise

By attending Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Enterprise workshop, Participants will learn to:

  • Design and layout mobile documents
  • Specify mobile device digital page orientations
  • Specify the safe area of design for mobile device documents
  • Describe how interactive overlays float above the digital page
  • Create hyperlinks to different articles within the folio, online resources, or email addresses
  • Create a multi-state objects and specify mobile device controls and functions for viewer interaction
  • Create Folios and create articles and incorporate them into folios
  • Manage articles in both Folio Builder Panel within Adobe InDesign and via Digital Publishing Suite Dashboard DPS Folio Producer tools
  • Preview folios and articles via the Adobe Content Viewer
  • Know what credentials, files, icons, splash screens, subscription, entitlement resources needed to publish a viewer app
  • Create single folio and multi-folio viewer apps and custom viewer applications

In Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Enterprise training course Participants will learn to use Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to design and lay-out mobile documents, build single-folio viewer and multi-folio viewer apps to deliver innovative reading experiences, dynamic content, and high-impact advertising on leading tablet devices that get consumers more deeply engaged with the content and the brand.

In addition, they learn to create multi-folio apps with entitlements and subscriptions, Apple iTunes and News-stand subscriptions, and custom viewer app navigation for Apple iPad and Android tablets.

Designers, traditional media publishers, ad agencies, and major media and brand organizations.