adobe searchCenter user

Adobe SearchCenter User workshop will help Participants master Adobe SearchCenter+ - the keyword bid management toolset that will enable the company to break away from the competition. Topics include:

  • Importing, creating search and display marketing campaigns with Adobe SearchCenter+ for search engines and Facebook
  • Managing, editing and optimizing campaigns in Adobe SearchCenter+
  • Downloading, editing, and submitting campaigns in Excel
  • Creating automated bid rules
  • Measuring campaign effectiveness across keywords, text ads, and search engines
  • Using both Adobe SearchCenter+ and Adobe SiteCatalyst reports to gain insights into key segments
  • Setting TrueClick Traffic Quality thresholds, understanding TrueClick reports, and enabling e-mail notifications

The Adobe SearchCenter User training course will teach Participants to use SearchCenter to centralize keyword management with one interface across multiple search engines, automate keyword bidding based on defined performance thresholds as well as enable automated email alerts. Also, learn to generate custom and automated reports as well as intelligently optimize keyword campaigns.

  • A basic understanding of Adobe SiteCatalyst including interface and reporting options.

  • Adobe SearchCenter User class is designed for new and prospective Adobe SearchCenter users.