adobe analytics - data workbench analyst essentials

By attending Adobe Analytics - Data Workbench Analyst Essentials workshop, Participants will learn to:

  • Create different visualizations and workspaces
  • Effectively interpret results
  • Understand the effects of selection and querying
  • Perform segmentation of visitors or visits
  • Configure reports for automatic distribution

Adobe Analytics - Data Workbench Analyst Essentials training course begins with a general overview of architecture, terminology, and concepts. It then teaches Participants how to navigate through Data Workbench Client to create and design new analysis workspaces, reports, and dashboards. They will learn about core functionality accessible through contextual menus, while also being introduced to more advanced capabilities of the product. They will cover the dataset schema and how it should be used to correctly interpret report results. Finally, they are given exercises to complete in order to reinforce the key concepts presented during the Program.

The Data Workbench dataset schema - including coverage of the dimension types from an analytical perspective - is presented with examples. Correct data interpretation is taught by detailed examination of the dynamic selection functionality, and a strategy is recommended for translating plain English business questions into meaningful workspaces. Next, the Program moves into segment creation, report publishing and distribution, and using the filter editor to hone queries to answer sophisticated and complex business questions. The Program also explains all key visualization types, providing special focus on path browsers and process maps. This Program is strongly augmented by dedicated, hands-on lab work, during which time they walk step by step through exercises that reinforce the topics covered during lectures.

Adobe Analytics - Data Workbench Analyst Essentials class is designed for Data Workbench users who regularly receive and make decisions based on reports.


  • Navigation
  • Worktop
  • Menus
  • Creating, modifying, and saving workspaces
  • Legends
  • Dataset Schema
  • Dimension Types
  • Business Metrics and Data Dimensions
  • Interpreting Selection and Queries
  • Process Maps and Path Browsers
  • Visitor and Visit Segmentation
  • Profile Manager Structure
  • Publishing Reports
  • Configuring Reports for Distribution
  • Training Review
  • Documentation Review