adobe analytics - data workbench architect ACE

By attending Adobe Analytics - Data Workbench Architect ACE workshop, Participants will learn to:

  • Administer communication between Client and Server
  • Understand advantages/disadvantages of various data acquisition methods
  • Understand the data process flow
  • Build and manage custom profiles
  • Practice using conditions and transformations to present the most meaningful data to business users
  • Extend the dataset schema with new reporting dimensions
  • Identify and correct errors in configuration through troubleshooting exercises

Adobe Analytics - Data Workbench Architect ACE training course provides in-depth training for candidates who want to configure and construct datasets to support their clients’ business analysis needs. The skills gained in this course enable architects to determine an appropriate implementation strategy and successfully satisfy business requirements.

For Adobe Analytics - Data Workbench Architect ACE

  • Attending a training on Data Workbench Analyst, OR
  • Successful completion of the Data Workbench Analyst certification exam