Adobe Experience Manager - Content Author

  • Adobe Experience Manager: Content Author class is designed for all users of AEM, including authors, developers, and system administrators.

  • Operating System: Working knowledge of MS Windows, Mac OSX
  • Applications: Working knowledge of Standard Browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, plus Microsoft Office applications
  • No prior CQ knowledge necessary

By attending Adobe Experience Manager: Content Author workshop, Participants will:

  • Practice adding content, versioning, and publishing pages through hands-on exercises
  • Learn about the CQ out of the box components and how to use them effectively
  • Understand and utilize workflows
  • Explore and administer the multiple modules within CQ
  • Discover the marketing and social collaboration aspects of CQ

Adobe Experience Manager: Content Author training course teaches CQ features, functionality, and authoring skills based on a standard project environment. This includes a hands-on introduction to CQ’s dynamic publishing, the roles and responsibilities of a content author, and the best way to work with CQ’s content management features.

This training enables Participants to create new web pages based on different types of templates, to update and modify content on a CQ based website, and to use some of the additional functionalities such as Workflow, Forms, Campaigns, Newsletters, Reports, and creating and managing Mobile Pages.

This Program is NOT a developer training; rather it introduces to the philosophy behind AEM and how to administer content using ready-made templates.